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Church School


2020-2021 has presented many challenges for our ministries. We have tried to come up with alternative learning through printed materials, social media, and website platforms. Please click on the link below and read the notice.

2020-2021 St Vasilios (Basil) the Great Church School Schedule

Church School Director: Pam Gruntkosky

churchschool@stvasilios.org or 978-210-5818

Or if you have any questions regarding this church ministry or volunteering for our Church School,

please call (978) 531-0777 and ask for Father Yanni Michaelidis

or email Fr Yanni at Fryanni@stvasilios.org.


While sleeping late can be nice, have you considered the benefits of Sunday Church School attendance for your child? Here are some reasons to make it a priority in your family:

Age Targeted Teaching: Where else can your kids get Biblical instruction that’s focused toward their developmental abilities? Our curriculum is designed to give them a foundation, so they will under- stand how all the parts of Scripture point to Christ.

Friends: In Church School your child through faith and fellowship, will build positive friendships.
It’s Fun: Our teachers work hard to teach the Bible in ways that are relevant and fun.
A Safe Place: In a world that sometimes seems void of morals, students need a place where good mor
als and values are encouraged.

Spiritual Mentors: A dedicated teacher can be a Christian role model who supports you and helps inspire the Orthodox faith of your child.

Adult Fellowship: While the children enjoy their class, you can fellowship with other adults at the Coffee Hour.

Send the Right Message: Making Church and Sunday School a priority shows your kids that God’s Word really does matter!

The Church School is always in need of volunteers. If you’re interested in teaching, co-teaching or helping out in other ways, please contact the Church School Director, Pam Gruntkosky at pam.gruntkosky@gmail.com. You don’t need to have any special talents or skills and you won’t be alone, you’ll be teaching side-by-side with an experienced teacher or two.

Our Church School is a dedicated teaching ministry of our Orthodox Christian Religious faith in which our parish enjoys a sense of justifiable pride. Its devoted teachers have long provided our children with creative, mature, resourceful instruction, and caring love in the treasury of our Orthodox Christian faith and Orthodox traditions. Many new stewards of our parish with young children tell us that they have cho-sen St. Vasilios because of the quality of our youth programs, and of our Church School education program in particular. While the example of parents and the ethos of an Orthodox home are paramount in the process of religious formation, formal religious in-struction in the faith and praxis to live the faith in Christ is also necessary. Our Church School under the spiritual guidance of Fr. Chris Foustoukos with the dedicated teaching and administrative volunteer staff of 40 men and women in the service of our Lord Jesus stand ready to enter into partnership with the parents of our students in this vital process.

Church School Religious Education participation is open to all children of our parish who are at least 4 years old by September 1st of the year in which instruction begins. Under no circumstances will a child of our parish be turned away. Our successful program consists of grades: Pre-K through Grade 12 with a teaching and administrative staff of forty dedicated volunteers in the service of our Lord. Each Sunday during the school year, all families are ear-nestly encouraged to attend the English Divine Lit-urgy at 9:00 a.m. together. At its conclusion, chil-dren go to their respective classes.

The Church School has its office directly below the church. Parents who wish to enroll their children, or who have questions, are asked to visit the Church School office on Sunday mornings dur-ing the school year for any assistance they may need. At the same time, we are always vigilant in our search and request for men and women of faith and conviction who feel called by God to share their talents and serve in this saving ministry. We invite and welcome them to join our teaching team so that we can insure the future quality and continuity of the successful Church School Orthodox Christian program.

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