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Inquirers Study Group

Have you ever wished you could attend an introductory class on the Orthodox Faith? Would you like to learn more about your faith? Are you interested in perhaps becoming Orthodox? You can find answers to these questions and more by attending the Inquirer’s Class. The class will provide the necessary instruction to the catechumen so that having become familiar with the basics of Orthodoxy, you may, if you so choose, continue as members of the Church, and grow to love your faith and make it who you are. To instill in you the desire to seek out God within the community of believers; to enable you to practice prayer and the Orthodox faith with total commitment, for the salvation of your soul and for the Glory of God.

This group will meet for ten weeks. To reserve your spot in this informative discussion group please call the Church Office at 978-531-0777 or e-mail Rev Fr Christopher P Foustoukos.